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hannah cheek


lifestyle photographer

Hey There

My goal as your photographer is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, to have a good time, and to share some laughs and smiles along the way! My photography style is focused on capturing your personality through candid photos as well as adding some poses to help with photoshoot anxiety. I never get tired of the laughs and smiles and love that is portrayed through my lens, and I hope that I can bring my love for photography into your home as well. 


the face behind the lens

Hi! My name is Hannah Woods and I am a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Northwest Arkansas. 

Being a photographer is one of the most incredible things in life. Creating memories, capturing love, being let into your story, and getting a glimpse of so much love and life is why I love what I do. 

It's hard to put into words all the reasons I love being a photographer. I've always been behind a camera. From the disposable cameras I got as a child, to the bright blue point and shoot I carried with me as a teenager, then borrowing a friend's DSLR for the first time in college and falling in love, and now to today where I get to live those dreams I had all those years ago.


Photography has always been a huge dream of mine, and now you are helping to make my dream come true. 

Let's make your dreams come true too! 

Hannah took the best pictures of our little family! My kids smile so big for her and I will treasure these forever! She captured the BEST facial expressions! I can't pick a favorite!

Rachel Watterson

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